Friday, August 27, 2010

Mom is not enough?

I wonder how other moms feel about this issue I experience...
It seems that whenever I'm around people making conversation, they ask about things I do aside from mothering...which is totally fine, except that I am a full time stay at home mom.

I don't think it makes much sense to disregard this part of my life because it doesn't occur in a money generating setting. I recently became certified to instruct yoga. Most of the questions I've fielded during the time I was taking the course and since graduating have to do with that topic. It's probably about 5-10% of my life right now.

I was a first grade teacher before and people asked about my class and my students-I am still a teacher, but in a different setting. My job has not lost validity because I don't draw a paycheck.

I know those that are asking are really genuinely interested in me. I do. I would just like to discuss some of the many things that I do-teaching my baby to use sign language, her favorite books, working with my stepson on responsibility and attitude, making a frittata with just about anything I find in the refrigerator, finding time for prayer in the midst of it, etc.

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