Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Picks Nasty Jar Meat Over Yummy French Toast-What's This World Coming To?

I just fed Ever for the fourth time today.  She is now in a phase that is exquisitely frustrating for me. She will sit in front of her food for an hour without eating it.  Not because she doesn't want it, it's because she would like for me to sit in front of her and feed her, bite by very
solid food eating

This came after this afternoon's self congratulatory pat at my mommy genius/productivity.  Today we went to 2 mommy play groups-the morning group was play time/learning activities and the afternoon group was a totally fun music/dance class mommy group.  I was feeling so satisfied with myself, by the way.  What is it about doing this stuff that makes me feel like I'm such a great mom as opposed to when I don't do this stuff?  Maybe it just lifts my mood-getting out and talking to some grown ups, going down the slide with her, shaking kiddy maracas while jumping around like a kookaburra Carmen Miranda...which in turn makes me feel like a better mom.  I guess I just answered my own question.

Add to that:  when she woke from her nap, rather than jumping into our evening routine in the usual frenetically tired way I typically do, I sat down with her in her room and played quietly with her, read with her, and cuddled her.  During this time I planned exactly what to do when I got downstairs-her linner (lunch/dinner, in case you think it's a type-o), my linner, and also dinner.

Sooooo...after my faboo idea of making french toast for her, I came down and made some very yummy food.  I know, because I ate a slice and thought to myself, "Dang, this is good."  Ever had hers served with a little dipping dish of yogurt.  She quickly turned herself into yogurt Santa Claus and then proceeded to sit there with her untouched french toast for
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhh!!  She didn't even want a bite of it if I fed it to her slowly.

So, I busted out the Gerber that I keep on hand for these occasions.  I just feel like she SHOULD be eating only solid food made by me-because there are tons of moms out there who are either lying about it or really giving their kids fresh food for almost every meal.  I had to breathe more shallowly while giving her that funky meat from the jar while pondering how she could eschew the french toast in favor of this stuff....?!?!?!?


I'm sure this is not the most exciting thing anyone has read today-it's more of a venting post than anything else.  Feel free to charge me for any precious minutes of your life I may have wasted with my mama laments or share your own via comments.  Not sure how I'd pay up should you choose to charge-hopefully you like french toast.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Know How Ridiculously Much You Love Them When...

They come at you with a cold and give you a slimy boogie kiss right on the mouth and then scamper off leaving you giggling and trying to wipe it off.

Especially if you're normally a germaphobe who hates to be sick such as myself under normal circumstances.

But, being a mama who is head over heels for your little one is anything but normal-and blissfully so, I might add.