Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who Needs Date Night When There's Lazy Saturday?

Best Saturday in a loooooooooooooong time.  Nothing planned to go and do, so we woke up late (Ever was even in on it, apparently-she slept until after 10:30-and Jay was up but totally covert ops about it), ate pancakes/eggs/sausage, and listened to The Perishers station on Pandora (The Perishers being on my top 5, maybe even top 3 list of artists).

While listening, Gravity played (by Embrace), one of the songs from our wedding slideshow-to be posted soon.  I asked Eric to dance and we did-with Everlyse wandering over trying to feed us a cheerio she found under the table, with toys all over the floor, still unshowered-he in flannel pants and me in an old flannel shirt.  Of course, we both turned into a couple of crying fools over how perfect it all can be sometimes.  We don't get many date nights, but times like these are worth so much more.



Priscila said...

Loved this post sissy, and I Love and miss you two "rusty pipes" and the kiddies so much! Good thing we will be seeing you all soon enough =)

Anonymous said...

Val! I love those moments. As simple as they are they make everything so real again. I'm sorry I'm so late in posting but I just found this on facebook. Seriously write a book! I really think besides being a mother that you are meant to affect lives through your words.

Val said...

Thanks so much for saying that-I try to write about the times that I feel my life stop for a few moments and I become more aware of how miraculous it all can be.