Friday, January 14, 2011

Eyes of Truth

Today while practicing yoga I realized something that is usually an underlying awareness as I practice.  I regard my body differently as a result of yoga and where it led me.

Pre-yoga (began to practice in 1995 as a supplement to ballet, but began daily practice in 1998 after I had stopped dancing) my body was something that represented me physically to the world-it held clothes that told others about me and of course I compared it to the bodies of others ruthlessly.

When I began a daily practice of yoga, something started to shift in my mind and it changed the way my eyes looked upon my body.  I was no longer detached from it-it became a vehicle for me to literally become a prayer-it led me into silence, peace, and stillness.  It was beautiful regardless of shape or appearance, I was in awe of it.

Today, as I sat in pigeon pose-breathing-a soft focus gaze on my inner right foot-I had a knowledge that my foot and everything attached to it was sacred, beautiful, and almost entirely responsible for the state of love and grace I found myself in.  I say almost because I credit God for that state, at the time I began getting acquainted with yoga, I was not open to Christianity.  He knew me well enough to understand that if I would just have a little time each day to shut my mouth and see myself through His eyes, I would open up.  Of course, that's exactly what happened.

I guess what this all means is that God finds you where you are and He loves you where you are.  Receiving that love and recognizing yourself as lovable is damn near impossible for people...but, it is possible.