Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Handy Man

It's nice to be surprised once in awhile.

As long as I've known Eric (my husband), he's never been more than a couple of feet away from a laptop.  He is so skilled at most things involving technology (and creativity) that he's now built a career upon it.

I wasn't prepared to find out that he.....
is handy around the house?!?!?!?

My dad is super handy.  In fact, his name is Manny.  Yep, there's a show on the Disney channel called Handy Manny and they based it on him.  At least it seems that way....
Eric likes to joke that if you handed my dad a few 2X4's and some wire he'd build you a computer.

I had kind of resigned myself to thinking that although he does light stuff around the house, Eric's probably not going to do things I've seen my dad do.

I was wrong.  The lovely thing is, now Eric has it in writing, in public, that I admitted to being wrong about something involving him, haha.

On weekends, when there's stuff to do, Eric refers to himself as S.H.I.T.  Super Husband In Training.  S.H.I.T. then tackles his S.H.I.T. list and admits to feeling very satisfied as things get marked off of it.

Last night after getting home a little after 8, he hung a curtain rod in the family room and then put together 2 IKEA wardrobes.  By MIDNIGHT....I was in awe.

Like I said, it's nice to be surprised once in awhile.  So, maybe he's not going to get an old waterbed frame and turn it into a wall entertainment/shelving unit like my dad has done, but he no longer needs to I.T. at the end of his title.  Of course, there are so very many reasons he doesn't need the I.T. at the end of his title having nothing to do with doing stuff around the house, but I'll save those for another post.

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Priscila said...

Hahahahahaa too cute! Brother Schmeric rocks!