Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trying to Get Back to the Pre-Baby Bod

So, I finally got semi-serious about doing something more focused about my post-Everlyse body.  It really has never been much of a serious challenge for me to be on the thin side-but after having Everlyse and nursing her for eighteen months, my body was finally my own again as of August and still about fifteen pounds heavier than normal.

I decided to begin with the Special K challenge.  It was a good kick start-my appetite gradually decreased, it was easy to follow, and I do enjoy eating Special K.  The down side was that it left me feeling a little lethargic in the afternoons...but, I did lose seven pounds in less than three weeks.

Alas, those pounds did not take my mommy-muffin top with them.  This particular pooch that most mommies know is  like a friend who says they're just going to crash at your place while looking for an apartment yet 5 months later are asking you to buy the toilet paper with the bears in the commercial because what you have isn't good enough for their lazy bum.

I am giving said pooch an eviction notice.  I am continuing my yoga practice and am adding more targeted work.  For a couple of weeks, I started using the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy workout DVD.  I think it's a great workout albeit a little depressing because Tracy is a size 1/2.  Yes, a 1/2, she's not quite a 1, but the size of her head likely prevents her from being a size zero.  She declares repeatedly that she gained sixty pounds while pregnant.  I want to believe her when she says my "skin will come back to the muscle" on the pooch flap, but it's hard to trust someone who looks like the last time they ate bread was when she was busy gaining the sixty pregnancy pounds.  I think I might throw this one in from time to time rather than make it my go to pooch patrol.

Today I decided to go for a slow but steady approach to "winning" the race.   I busted out with my older DVD, the Accelerated Body Sculpting DVD with Mari Winsor.  This is a good and very well rounded toning workout.  I actually enjoy it, rather than being in a slight state of torment throughout each exercise.  The exercises are challenging, varied, and the amount of repetition is effective without becoming torturous.

So, the plan is...no more Special K challenge.  Although, for breakfast I do eat it-that, or low fat Nutri Grain waffles with fruit (on days that I want to feel special).  For lunch, something sensible and energy providing because I do have a 20 month old to chase after all.  For dinner, whatever I feel like making in a portion that makes sense for it being the last meal of my day and rather late.  Snacks are raw almonds, dried apricots, a Special K bar, and 1 or 2 squares of dark chocolate.

I will likely do the Pilates workout more often and throw in the Tracy Anderson DVD if I'm feeling bored.  For my creative self, I will also do the Shimmy bellydance workout I DVR from FIT TV.

I am enjoying getting back into some of my clothes-especially now that my bra size is almost back to normal.  I think that none of this would actually be an issue for me if I could wear all of my clothes and keep the pooch...but that isn't the case.  There are many things that I very much love wearing and cannot because of my midsection.

Wish me luck, today I did my workout with Ever climbing all over me and it was not the easiest thing in the world to do.  I just know that if successful, I will feel that much more myself and also be more physically prepared for the baby that Eric and I would like to have after Ever gets a little older.

Here's to not having to suck it in!

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