Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Poo-Poo Yogabutt

Today while practicing yoga (as usual, via Fit TV on dvr), I was ready to get into a decent relaxation at savasana time.  Usually I press stop on the dvr and take a regular 5+ minutes to do so.  I think I should preface this by saying that I have taken to practicing while Ever is up rather than her nap time like I did before.  It's just more beneficial for me to do it earlier in the day.

Mental picture:  Me, eyes closed, palms up, laying flat, relaxed, breathing....ahhhhhh...then sudden pressure on my collarbone almost simultaneously accompanied by a puff of poopie diaper air shooting up my nostrils on an inhale.  Eyes open, and there is a little stinky butt right in front of my face that rotates quickly and turns into a pair of happy little aquamarine eyes and a roughly placed sandcastle mold of Mount Rushmore right on my face and the word "pet-ty" (pretty).

Yes, that is my savasana-she made me laugh so hard (ok, a little painfully with that toy shoved into my nose).  I kissed her little face all over, scooped her up, and hurried upstairs to work my poopie butt magic.

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