Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wait and See

I learned something today.  Before I say no to something, it's best to see just what my little one has in mind.  This morning while getting breakfast together she requested the ice cream scooper.  She likes to drum with it, so I handed it to her.  Sure enough, after sitting her in the high chair, she began to drum with it.  Then, I put down her bowl of oatmeal/applesauce that I usually give her.  She proceeded to eat with the ice cream scoop.  I switched it with her spoon and let me know just what she thought of that with a procession of howls and swats aimed at retrieving said scooper.

So, I gave it back and watched.  That little booger ate her breakfast with it and did a fantastic job of it, too.  So-as long as it's not dangerous or rude in some way, I have decided to watch and wait when she uses all (almost) 2 years of the wisdom garnered in her life to try something new.

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