Sunday, August 10, 2014


I remember it clearly,
Looking across at you as you drove me to the airport.

Your eyes on the road,
curls sheltered beneath
the yarn of your cap
at first light
in the chill.

The sense
that you were a
real man.

The kind I could
(and should)
give my heart to.

One who would give
without thought of
keeping any
for himself.

Lessons learned in
shaped the set
of your shoulders.

You withstood.

You found a voice to give praise
from the ashes
(of an aftermath)
I shared the experience of
thousands of miles-
and years away-
from knowing you.

We lost our futures before we knew
our future
was to be found
in each other.

But, looking at you-
absorbing you-
It was plain to me
that you were he.

The years have proven the truth I felt
inside of that moment-
of what you're made of,
who you are.

Whose you are.

And that is all that matters now.

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